1988 Porsche 944

Dad had two or three of these when I was a child, one of which was just shy of £400. This example is the 2.7 Lux with a beautiful navy interior and exterior looks which have also aged alike.




944 2.7 Lux


Popup headlights

Even when I was younger, I was consciously aware people referred to the 944 as ‘the poor man’s Porsche’ – an easy comment to make on the surface but one which can be instantly drowned out over the noises made by passers by as you turn the iconic eighties popup headlights on. If you have enough time to source a suitable wheelchair at your destination, then you can just about fit another passengers in the rear seats, if you can call them that.

I’ve never actually been with Dad to collect one of his many 944s, but he did somewhat reluctantly join me when I found this example, his thoughts edging more-so towards finding a better example. Alas, the alpine white paintwork has since received plenty of love, as have both sills and it’s now an enjoyable sports car for all occasions, not forgetting the rare sunroof option.

In recent years, these have begun to climb in price, myself acquiring this particular one in 2018 just prior to that. It certainly wasn’t the scrap money Dad last paid for his, but it certainly makes me realise what he finds so attractive about the front engined machine.

Our Porsche was recently used in a promotional campaign for the TAG Heuer Calibre with one of their ambassadors.



Hire our classic Porsche 944

Our collection is available to hire for Film/TV purposes, as well as special events and product launches. We do not offer any self drive option but your chosen vehicle will be accompanied by myself or Dad – both knowledgable and friendly to make your hire an experience.