1988 FSC Zuk Fire Support Vehicle


FSC (Poland)


Zuk Petrol


Side steps once used to carry additional firefighting crew

We learnt how rare yet loved this vehicle is on the day we collected it from Wales; a midnight stop for fuel with the Zuk in tow was the source of smalltalk with the services attendant who instantly recognised it from her background in Poland. It since continues to receive an incredible amount of interest from those who know, and those who don’t, curious as to every single element of this two tonne appliance.

This particular Zuk, from our research with its original fire house, seems to have been in active service from 1988 until at least the early-mid 2000s, serving at a reservist base in ┼╗ywiec, Poland. The quirks of this slightly communist appearing truck are vast; including the original hoses and wooden ladders, the latter perhaps the only challenge Fred Dibnah wouldn’t take on. Small pegs fold down on each corner of the vehicle for additional crew to hop onto and grab cling on for dear life as they made their way to emergencies.


Our working example finished in original livery with working lights and sirens is a fantastic vehicle for any relevant Film and TV opportunities, bound to instantly transform the set into a history lesson, photography session and coffee sipping corner.